Fantasy 2016 Revised

Arts| 5 min

Peace2 Tune In Message

Peace2| 1 min

Host of Peace2, Dr. Guldal Caba invites you to watch her brand new show, every Wednesday at 9pmEST. Go to MAS2TV.com. The first network dedicated to bringing you World Content, Globally. Any device, Anytime, Anywhere in the world. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: ...


Ep.4 - Following the Call of the Soul (Peace2 - Season 1)

Peace2| 33 min

In this week’s episode we take a look at Host Dr. Guldal as both a teacher and a student. She discusses the calling of their soul and their personal journeys. Dr. David Brownstein is one of her teachers, and he’s credited with saving Dr. Guldal’s life. ...


Ep.3 - Freedom, The Healing Process of a Nation Part 2 (Peace2 - Season 1)

Peace2| 31 min

The conclusion of a 2 part series titled: Freedom - The Healing Process of a Nation. As Host Dr. Guldal wraps up her passage through South Africa, she starts at the beginning by visiting the Satyagraha House. It was the home of “the great souled one”- ...


Ep.2 - Freedom, The Healing Process of a Nation Part 1 (Peace2 - Season 1)

Peace2| 36 min

The first of a 2 part series titled: Freedom - The Healing Process of a Nation. In this episode Host Dr. Guldal visits with a group of men and women who were too young to vote during Apartheid. Their mental, emotional and spiritual pain in trying to cope ...


Ep.1 - The Beginning (Peace2 - Season 1)

Peace2| 50 min

Created out of the desire to heal, grow and harness soulful experiences, and seek truth, this basic premise has given life and light to a new television series. Peace2 is a series unlike any other, devoted to bridging the physical, emotional and spiritual ...


Peace2| 1 min

Relive the moments you might have missed for the first half of Peace2- Season 1


A Crab and Goat Race Story

Short Films| 26 min

When her grandfather passes, a young girl is sent on a magical adventure that ultimately leads to the discovery of her power within.


A Steel Pan Story

Short Films| 16 min

Stricken with unexplained illness a young boy is taken to the hills of Laventille to meet his estranged grandfather where he discovers he is infected with "pan fever"